Premiere: Francesca – Tao


Endless tunnels coated in matte grey panels and a century’s worth of dust enclose the girl on her journey home. The teetering claustrophobia is subsided by brief moments of social etiquette and the optimism of getting a seat on the tube. As she heads deeper underground, submerging herself in the ever-increasing density of recycled air, the mild panic of stepping slightly too close to the edge ensures everybody’s on their best behaviour. With three minutes to wait, and a packed platform, she desperately looks for distractions in the form of adverts and billboards, much to the turmoil of her inner Marx. Before long, the gentle embrace of warm air and the shriek of dated tracks fill her every sense with surging pleasure and unwind her coiled mind. Home soon.

Pleasure Club, the London label headed by legendary Bobby. are on release duty for Francesca’s debut, The Inside Out. Packed full of exciting compositions that explore the diverse sounds and musical history of our capital, it doesn’t shy away from showing the city love. Ranging from broken beat and garage to more ambient cuts, the release highlights Francesca’s versatility and broader respect for the inherent sounds of London. Our pick ‘Tao’ is an especially frosty electro jaunt, fully-loaded with sparkling pads and enough robotics to put Skynet to shame.