Premiere: FLXXX – The Past Has No Power (Local Suicide Remix)


The ink seeped into the paper; a jumble of indecipherable words scrawled hastily. Pages and pages of eloquent calligraphy sat beside blue smudges and doodles, while bland and forgettable stories preceeded bleak and harrowing memories. Getting it off her chest and down onto paper was the solution to freeing her mind; a way of purging, of remembering, and of reminding her that the past had no power…

Following the new wave synth jams of Yes Father, Roam Recordings return with an EP from Mexican duo FLXXX. The project of producers Andrem and Montessori, FLXXX follow up outings on Play Pal and Wonder Stories with Violent Birds Fly; three dark, and hypnotic originals backed up by remixes from Rodion and Berlin-based pair Local Suicide who take things up a level with the addition of bewitching vocals and a driving bass line.