Premiere: Flug 8 – Continuous Wave


The night was black and still as he walked atop the white cliffs looking out upon a bleak and bitter sea.

He watched as a continuous wave crashed against the shore down below and let out a cry to which nobody heard under the cloak of darkness. The wind howled and the rain poured as he watched the stars, millions of miles away, dancing beneath a cosmic maze.

If the upbeat, driving ‘Space Techno’ acted as the lift-off, ‘Electric Field’ sees Flug 8 remove his hand from the throttle, pull the shuttle into low earth orbit, soundtracking the cosmos as he watches from his porthole. We know there’s no sound in space, but if there was, we think it’d sound something like this.

Listen below:

Taken from Flug 8's new album 'Electric Field'. Order HERE