Premiere: Fluctuosa – Graphite Cube


The stars were sparkling brighter than ever tonight; a thick fog had hung in the air recently and they had become something of a distant memory. He dragged his telescope over to the window and gazed up at the sky above. On nights like this he would allow his imagination to run wild; to think of other life forms that may be looking back down at him from some far flung planet. 

The next release on Istanbul-based label Sitdownandance comes from local DJ, producer and label co-founder Dogukan Acar AKA Fluctuosa. Titled Carbon chauvinism, the record is based around the same subject – a new word meant to disparage the assumption that the chemical processes of extraterrestrial life must be constructed primarily from carbon, because its properties are far superior to other elements. The concept runs through the track names from 'Organic Compounds' and 'Silicates' to our pick 'Graphite Cube', while the sonic influences throughout the release call on Fluctuosa's influences in braindance and Drexciyan electro.