Premiere: Fernando – Ride On (Dj Nature Remix)


Though whenever you pass something interesting on the side of the road as you ride your horse down the motorway there's an urge to slow right down and give it a good rubber-neck, the very best thing you can do is 'Ride On'. Why? Well, for starters it means that those cars behind you won't be quite as frustrated as they might otherwise be and there's always the risk that you'll have an accident yourself if you're not looking where you're going.

However, our main reason for this advice would be because we've become obsessed with DJ Nature's remix of these new sounds from Fernando which just happen to be called ride on 'Ride On'. Tune yourself in to this delightful aural treating and keep on moseying down that road;

Half Decade is out on 24th October via Futureboogie Recordings.

DJ Nature plays Big Wave this Halloween 31st October at Pickle Factory, London. Details and tickets here.