Premiere: Eyes Of Others – Never Complain


Some people waste all their days complaining about the smallest things that don't matter, even in the short-term. If the biggest problems in your life are that you've run out of deodorant or you've only got one slice of bread left, you're doing alright. There's no point in complaining about anything – if something truly does grind your gears then you should get out there and actually do something about it, rather than pulling your neck back into your shell and grumbling to yourself.

Scottish music fiend Eyes Of Others seems to have a rather similar idea as he's gone so far as to call this latest beauty 'Never Complain'. He's got an EP on the way at the start of next month but you won't be finding this on it. No, this one's a Ransom Note exclusive so don't miss this chance to get it down you;

Never Complain is out on now via FRFR.