Premiere: ex.sses – mouth


“Wind grates at her skin as she walks over scorched ground. Something under her feet resists the imprint of her weight, surprising her sense of balance. She bends down to examine it, digging her fingers into the earth to pick the object out of its crater.

The object’s weight is in alignment with the pull of gravity, a relic of frozen air. It contains properties that belong to both the artificial and the natural. From futures and pasts, it ordains her as the breathing pinnacle of the present.”

London-based party and label Cherche Encore return with a debut release from ex.sses, who helms the Iterations show on Balamii and earwax, a platform for womxn identifying artists who work in sound and performance-based practices. Made up of 6 tracks, ‘RELIC’ explores personal themes of the relationship with the body, intimacy and queer identity, layering ASMR whispers over dark, rumbling bass and intricate percussion.

Buy HERE. Short story by Lottie Hughes.