Premiere: Esther – Violine


A soft wind blew in through the window, stirring her from her slumber. She lay there in the dark a while, listening to the whispers of the breeze and the chatter of the insects outside. This sweet cacophony of sounds was hypnotising, a heady tonic that sent her back into a deep sleep before she even noticed… 

French label POLAAR welcome DJ and producer Esther back to the label for the second time this year with Pantome. Like its namesake (a made up word that merges Pantone & Fantom) the four tracks urge you to taste the words and feel the colours and sounds, and exhibit her love for written and speaking languages which she strives to translate into music. Like her previous releases on POLAAR and Doum Music, her knack for playing with texture and rhythm comes through on every track, proving her ability to craft her own strain of unconventional and singular club music.