Premiere: Ess O Ess – Flamingos & Wombles & The Blue Oyster Cult (Dub)


In the merry woods the bears began to dance. They hid beneath the glow of the moonlight atop the mountain side. The wind blew coarsely through the trees but that did not bother them, they were far too rugged and brave for such things to threaten their fun. No man would find them here, within the opening of the forest. They gathered and they danced, grunting and howling to the heavens up above. The sun would rise in a few hours but for now the jungle was theirs. 

Ess O Ess return with a flamboyant interpretation of house music. They deliver a sample laden jam which bounces and oozes with the fun associated with the season. Listen to the dub of their new track below: 

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