Premiere: Escape Earth – Dropping With The Force


They had been waiting at their respective battle stations for far too long. The alarm let out harrowing, rhythmic shrieks while the crew exchanged panicked looks. If their demise was to be imminent, what else should they do? The incoming strike was supposed to have vanquished them by now. The portholes revealed nothing of their surroundings at these depths. Time came to a halt. Months of training had prepared them for these moments, but it turned out that, ultimately, nothing can fully equip you for a standoff with death.

Following instalments last year from Metro Zee and MOY last year, London-based producers BufoBufo and Corporeal Face return to their own label, Ritual Poison, to drop off another beastly four-tracker titled ‘Monolith On Mars’. Together, they form the galactic, sci-fi superduo known as Escape Earth, with sounds inspired by the great beyond.