Premiere: Erta Ale – Driver


Everything had been meticulously planned; the mission was destined to succeed. Pulling on to the motorway he felt a pang of adrenaline course through his body, his hands sweaty as he forcefully gripped the steering wheel. The clock struck midnight and off he raced, pedal to the metal under the bright glow of the orange-hued lamps. There was a lot of responsibility on his shoulders an no forgiveness if he came back empty handed.

Berlin’s Erta Ale first made his debut on Alinka and Shaun J. Wright’s Twirl! Recordings back in 2018 with the deep house bliss of ‘For Real’. Now he’s making a triumphant return with his ‘Golden’ EP which serves as a reminder of his dexterity as a producer. Bolstered by a remix from Will Automagic, one-half of the legendary New York outfit, The Carry Nation and fellow Twirl alumni the Majorettes project, the three originals are a wash of breakbeats and swirling arpeggios, peppered with acid and vocal touches.