Premiere: Em & Stav – Driver


Two sets of never-ending, towering concrete blocks faced off each other, alternating rhythmically to electric power transmission lines and large swathes of luxuriant green, that stretched out towards the sky and met to create domes of flora. Here, gigantic walking palms coexisted peacefully alongside barrigonas, huicungos and pallas, and many more trees, flowers and plants that offered shelter from the incessant, warm showers that graced the land and its terracotta paths on an almost daily basis. And beneath this humid undergrowth, a quiet but vibrant array of creatures lived amongst the ungurahuis and rubber trees; most of the fauna opted for a nocturnal lifestyle that dimmed their exotic colours and allowed them to showcase their diverse vocal abilities without being seen. 

Gottwax, the record label arm of Wales-own Gottwood Festival, returns after four years with a 30-track compilation that evokes the spirit of the music festival. Featuring electronic stalwarts such as Roman Flügel, DJ Tennis and Margaret Dygas, alongside fledgling emerging talents, we get a taste of the collection, compiled by the festival owners and new label manager Geoff Kirkwood AKA Me Me Me records boss Man Power. With Em & Stav’s “Driver”, the duo share a muted piece of Bristol-infused bass brimming with minimal sounds, glitching accents and unfettered beats.