Premiere: Ehua – Venom


Chinese whispers had quickly become gospel here; truth and deception were entangled — now everybody spread information with caution and took everything they heard with a pinch of salt. The town were incredibly suspicious, with very little trust from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, instead a venomous tension coursed through the streets, leaving something of a bitter taste in people’s mouths.

The brainchild of DJ and production duo Sicaria Sound, Cutcross Recordings was born into the world last year as a platform to push forward-thinking bass-centric sounds moving around the 140bpm mark. Their next release comes in the form of a themed compilation, ‘With The Pulse’, the second instalment following last year’s ‘With The Fracture’ VA that featured music from L U C Y (now LCY), Unknown Artist, Sir Rah and E3 Breaks. While last year’s honed in on music for the rave, this four-tracker—complete with music from Conzi, Jamiu, Zygos and Ehua—celebrates percussive-driven sounds to get your body moving.