Premiere: Efde – My Bleep


The jitter from the machine bounced around the room. It sent electric waves spinning between the cracked walls and cast a warmth throughout the dirty, dank basement. The people in the room did not care, they simply enjoyed the relentless sound of my bleep as it echoed eerily down the tunnel. The brick wall rocked abruptly as it shuddered under the weight of the noise. Water dripped from the ceiling up above and there was little air left amidst the space. Yet they continued to dance…

Efde is set to release a new EP on Voyage Direct, it will be the 26th edition to appear on the record label. The release follows on from his previous EP's which have appeared on Nordik Netrecords and Soweso. This time he digs deep as he explores the dramatic edges of techno whilst adding a lush musical edge. Listen to "My Bleep" below:

Available digitally now. Buy the release on vinyl from Rush Hour HERE

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