Premiere: Edmx – Girder 86


The steelworks had remained open for as long as sustainably possible. The girders shaked as the men stampeded ferociously around the old abandaoned plant. They cried in anger at the disintegration of a once great factory, a once great establishment, a once great industry. They would build again, through the strength of muscle and the anger of hell they would raise the abandoned building from the ground. They would stand upon girder 86 and look down upon what was theres again once more. 

Power Vacuum continue to launch new music into the world at a rate of noughts. Bintus, Invisible Scum, Mark Broom, JoeFarr and Objekt have all featured but this release sees the return of the much loved EDMX. Listen to 'Girder 86' from the forthcoming EP below:

Clips from the rest of the record can be heard HERE. Forthcoming HERE.

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