Premiere: Dylan Moran – Festered Hooligans (Smokey X Monto Remix)


Curator of this BIG DOOF DOOF mix from last month, Dylan Moran (no, not that one – we've done this already!) has some fresh sounds to share with us in the form of the Smokey X Monto remix of his track 'Festered Hoolingans'.

Dip your toes into the slowly warming pool of electronic beats as this beauty infiltrates your eyes like a double agent with a point to prove. You'll never know if everything is quite as it seems but if you simply surrender yourself to the music then you're going to have a good time, even if it results in a quick double tap to the head.

What am I doing? Oh right…

Check out the track below and indulge yourself;

Festered Hooligans is out on 23rd June via Tunnyl Records. Find out more about Dylan via lizardbook.