Premiere: Duncan Gray – Churn Again


If there's one word we absolutely love over here at R$N Towers it's CHURN. Mmmmmmm, tasty churn. Whether it is being used in the context of doing something to butter that we don't entirely understand or if it refers to the repetitive, endless drudgery of content (another firm R$N favourite…), CHURN is a beautiful word that we really, really love. Really. Well…*

Duncan Gray fills his hands with tasty balls of churn in this aural excursion which powers through as though it had all the confidence of a man strutting his way down the street, adorned in a fine fur coat and with an attractive lady on each arm. Listen on as your mind is churned as thoroughly as the aforementioned butter and you'll soon feel your head filled with milky goodness.

Alright, maybe we don't know anything about the butter churning process… Just listen to this corker instead;

'Churn Again' is on the Nein Oh Nein compilation album which is out on 22nd June via Nein Records.