Premiere: Dub Syndicate – Boggled Minds


As he sat in the empty room he stared at his pale reflection in the glow of the mirror. The white tiles surrounded him with an ominously clean and magnificent presence. This was no place to spend a life but it was a needs must scenario for his boggled mind. He didn't much care for the outside world anyway, he had crafted his own magnificent paradise up atop his skull in which he was able to run wild and free. In this place he was safe and in control. 

On-U Sound are preparing to release an extraordinary catalogue of old material from the vaults. From dusty dubs to rare recordings the label has revealed an astonishing body of work, some for the very first time. Listen to "Boggled Minds". Steve Barker describes the track himself from the sleevenotes. 

“Boggled Minds” is a version to “10K At 0VU – 60 Hz – Mind Boggles!” from The Pounding System, itself an alternate version to the title track of Bim Sherman’s Across the Red Sea released in the same year."

Find the collection HERE. Catch Adrian Sherwood at The Jazz Cafe on November 18th. 

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