Premiere: Drift. – Genderland (Jay Glass Dubs Smoke Version)


DRIFT. has a new EP Genderland out now on Italian vinyl label AVANT! Records, and it's full of jet black synth work. We're very happy to be premiering a remix of the title track from future-gazing Greek producer Jay Glass Dubs, who hollows out the original and squishes its dark guts into zoned-out DnB. We'll let him explain his approach:

"I confess/declare that emotional heights of dialogue mostly always are overt examples of escapism. I wanted to keep the initial ambiance of DRIFT.'s track, whilst adding elements that could elaborate on the song's melodic aspect by taking into consideration the simple fact that I find it more interesting to work in a traditional Song – Version approach, blending this continuity in a personal, arbitrary way. I think of a quasi time/space scenario where 'In Bristol With A Pistol' was released by Good Looking Records around 1995."

Genderland is out now on AVANT! Records. Order on Bandcamp.

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