Premiere: Driaa – Whisper That (U Love Me)


Call it female instinct, for the first time something didn’t sit right. She had no reason to distrust him, he’d always been honest and open, but things felt different this time. She couldn’t put her finger on exactly what; it wasn’t necessarily his actions or his words, it was just a feeling. But was that enough to confront him over?  

Much like the main ethos behind multimedia platform South .Wav People’s Party, their new VA compilation ‘Static Snares’ is built on collaboration. Partnering with Heresy’s Brighton-based imprint Reptilian Establishment, South .Wav have assembled a line up of friends and family, from the UK and beyond, who have a deep connection with the platform. Sonically drawing from IDM, UKG, heavy rave antics and deconstructed breaks, the 18-track release features original contributions from the likes of DJ Fuckoff, Driaa, Osc Kins, Fidel and many more.