Premiere: Dralms – Shook (Peaking Lights Remix)


Each time we venture into the world of Peaking Lights it feels as though our ears are venturing through an ever-moving forest, the branches around us are relentlessly trying to catch us out and ensure that we're never able to find a way out. We wouldn't really want to get out of there though to be perfectly honest as we're enjoying the chilled out vibe emanating from this remix of the latest sounds from Dralms.

Though it may not be an ideal situation to be so far from home and with no civilisation in sight, our ears and soul are being pleased so relentlessly that we've even decided to have a little lie down and close our eyes. Sure, all our clothes might be gone by the time we awake from this gentle slumber but as long as we're still on the receiving end of this aural goodness there really is no need to complain.

Try it for yourself, you have been warned;

Shook is out on 2nd October via Full Time Hobby – pre-order your copy here.