Premiere: DOTHEDU – Sunrise Illusions


Sitting atop the hill she gazed out across the dark sea, the waves illuminated by the blanket of stars above. The water stretched so far you couldn't see where it ended and where it began. Every morning she would rise in the early hours, make the pilgrimage from her small house to the top of the hill and wait for the night to turn into day. She closed her eyes and let the hot sun wash over her face as it slowly began to rise. This is where she felt most at peace, away from the rest of the world. 

DOTHEDU is set to release the fourth EP on his own Senseverse label, which is made in its entirety with analog gear and his own voice, and approached in a spontaneous manner. Like with his previous releases the record is limited to 300 copies, each copy is handmade by him including the artwork, materials, research and the packaging. Each record is singular and unique; the concept behind this being to transmit his dedication to the music scene as well as the efforts and struggles behind it. His main message is to give people the opportunity to have a unique piece of work made by him from start to finish and distribute it for an affordable price.