Premiere: Doppelate – Forget About You


It can be difficult to mend a broken soul. It can be a struggle to forget. The memories of winter days past still glimmered faintly in his mind, a flickering dream which he struggled to recall in perfect clarity. He longed to be able to remember her face as she stared back from the path up ahead. He remembered the beautiful glow in a smile, in a wink, in a kiss. Most of all he did not want to forget the time in which they spent. He did not want to forget about her, he did not want to forget about you.

Based amidst the sprawl of East London you might upon an evening stumble into a party run by Let's Go Swimming. In recent months they have hosted the likes of Sotofett, Big Miz, Bell Towers and more. However, the formation of their own record label has since seen their relevancy increase dramatically. Doppelate is the latest artist to release on the label and he brings with him an expertly crafted blend of padded house, dreamy percussion and playful melody. Listen below: 

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