Premiere: D’Marc Cantu & Danny Passarella – Survival


It had been almost a week since they'd had any news from the outside world. There had been no updates, no advice or warnings. Perhaps no news was good news but in this case they weren't so sure. Now their stocks had depleated and panic had replaced the hope they'd been clutching on to just a few days before. They had entered a new phase; this was now about survival. 

Once again Michigan-based artist D'Marc Cantu and Passarella Death Squad's founder Danny Passarella join forces for another round of haunting dance floor cuts. Following their previous collaboration in 2019 on Ivan Smagghe and Leon Oakey's Les Disques De La Mort, their new EP lands on Danny's own Passarella Records which has previously hosted releases from Perc and Broken English Club's Oliver Ho alongside Danny himself. The Future Has A Silver Lining 2 presents four analogue driven tracks that bring together broken beats, solid grooves and dystopian soundscapes.