Premiere: D.K. – Shoubuari (Battle Mix)


Golden sand dunes stretched as far as the eye could see, each grain shimmering under the sun's gaze. The air was hot and sticky, it felt like no place for life to thrive, or even exist. In the distance something broke through the hot air, disturbing the desert's peaceful surroundings. A long procession of figures rode across the expanse on horse back, the muted pitter patter of hooves resounding in perfect unison. The figures were clad in beautiful white garments and sparkling jewels, each exuding a prodigious air of regality. They proudly watched over the land, it was their home and they were the only ones who knew it's secrets.

Parisian native D.K. returns to his regular home, Antinote, for the second in a trilogy of three releases over the next few months. Riding For A Fall shows off D.K.'s signature style: tropical bumping rhythms, this time directed at the dance floor.