Premiere: Dj Sneak – 3D Print (Villalobos & Einzelkind Jackyoass Mix)


The object was beautifully enhanced by the glowing rays of light which shone down upon the crystal glass frame. Inside the 3d print was taking shape and soon a brand new weapon woud be presented before their very eyes. This was to be the beginning of the revolution – a new era in which anyone could have anything at the touch of a simple button. The dark room watched with a wide eyed sense of suspense and intrigue. This was like nothing that they had ever seen before…

Next up is a triple header if you will as we introduce a meeting of minds. Dj Sneak, Ricardo Villalobos and Einzelkind – now there's a mouth watering prospect. This is "3d Print" on Pressure Traxx in all new reworked glory. Listen below: