Premiere: DJ Life – White Bricks


A gentle hand on his shoulder shook him out of his daydream and back into reality. How long had he been staring into space? Had he been asked a question or was that just his imagination? He cleared his throat and garbled an ambiguous response, in the hope he’d worm his way out of yet another missed inquiry. But instead he was met my a sea of bemused faces, there was no fooling them this time…

Following label mate Lavonz’ return to the imprint earlier this month, London’s Dansu Discs turn their attention to Australia for release 21 and Melbourne-based producer DJ Life. His Hypersonic EP brings the same energy as his previous outings for the likes of Potatoheadz and R.A.N.D Muzik Recordings, spanning pumping tech house, euphoric trance and peak time heaters, backed up by two remixes on the flip from Adam Pits and Ciel.

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