Premiere: DJ Fary – Flux

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Magic Carpet unearth two laidback cosmic breaks cuts from the mid 90s.

Nothing ever really satisfied her. Every day something had to change. New hobbies or new groups of friends, moving to fresh locations or switching up her hair cut; whatever the decision, you could bet it wouldn’t be long before that was old news. She masked it as a need to experiment and try different things, but deep down she couldn’t find what really made her happy. And until she did she’d constantly be in a state of flux…


Lisbon’s Magic Carpet take a different direction for their next release. Rather than focusing on contemporary cosmic sounds, for their eighth release they take a trip back in time to the mid-90s to unearth some forgotten gems from Tribal Italia producer DJ Fary. The label bosses got in touch with him in the hopes of reissuing two timeless cuts that, until now, were fetching eye-watering prices on Discogs. Stunned at what the music was going for, DJ Fary agreed to hand over the DATs of his original work so that a new discerning audience could connect with his cosmic, breaks-laced material, without paying a fortune.