Premiere: DJ Clea – I Want To Stay


The room was crowded and steamy as she entered the darkness. She glanced around surveying the scene and taking in each dancer with a vivid, wild imagination. She’d always dreamed of becoming a dancer and now amidst this place, despite her nerves, she felt at home. She began to move, taking deep breaths in and out, one by one. It was important for her to remain composed – an anxious soul she could become tempted to vanish into the night in a split second. Repeating these words to herself she began to reassess her situation, with each refrain she would feel calmer. 

“I want to stay…”

Dj Clea is next up on Church, a longstanding record label based in London and run by Seb Wildblood. Her latest EP is a personal affair, a fusion of club tracks with poignant delicacy and careful attention to detail. For us this was the special track from the record but the beauty of this as an EP is that each may mean something different to one and all.

Listen below:

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