Premiere: DJ Baklava – 10am Stella Run


With remnants of yesterday plastered across our faces, sweat-lined T-shirts and unnecessary sunglasses draw glares from the neighbours. The brave few, venturing from the safety of drawn blinds to collect gum and elixirs for the weary, in aid of the party continuum. The chances of a fresh and ready Monday morning slowly slipping through fingers like so many spilt pints. Stepping in to the off license, equipped with loose mental notes of preferred drinks and pockets full of small change makes an already complicated task even more daunting. No rest for the wicked.

Out on fresh-faced South-London label Twin System is their Victim of the System charity compilation. With 28 tracks of varied production, foraying into the melodic, chaotic and everything in-between, and with all profits going to Brixton Soup Kitchen, what’s not to love? Ransom Note’s pick is DJ Baklava’s ’10am Stella Run’, a moody foray in to anxious mediation. The track’s low-strung halftime groove, competing rhythms and acidic baseline motif makes for compulsory head nodding.