Premiere: DJ Babatr – Aget Love (Baba Super Mix)

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Fast and furious bass music from Venezuela on a newly launched record label.

Wandering through the desert it was hard to tell what was real and what might be a mirage. For he had been walking for a hellish long time and hadn’t seen anything yet which looked like paradise.

As the sun burnt his back and the dust from the sand below stuck to his thickened skin like sticky sickly sugar he wondered whether the trip might have been worth his time in the first place.

“Wild things…” they’d said.

“Beautiful things…” they’d promised.

He ain’t seen nothing yet.


Pedro Elías Corro is a producer and DJ from Venezuela, who grew up in the neighbourhood of Catia, in Caracas during the 90’s. Inspired by ‘minitecas’, mobile sound systems, he channeled this energy into a ferocious collection of banging dancefloor tracks which will have you and your neighbour dancing and alarms sounding.

Listen below: