Premiere: Digital21 & Stefan Olsdal – Rebellion (Dave Clarke Fripped Out Remix)


When was the last time you got well and truly fripped out? We're not talking just a little fripped out, we're asking when you last got so fripped you lost your fripping head and the fripp hit the fan. There's no feeling in the world like letting completely loose and each of us has to do it every once in a while, just to keep ourselves sane. It's a bit like having one day a year where there are no rules, except there are some rules but nothing too major – just try not to kill anyone, cool?

Whenever you're next looking to get your fripp on, why not get this cracking remix from Dave Clarke flowing through your ears to help you achieve full frippitude? The way he manipulates these sounds from Digital21 & Stefan Olsdal are sure to kickstart something in your veins. Go on, let yourself fripp a little;

Rebellion is out now via Emigrant LTD.