Premiere: Derailleur – Device One


From his bed the man gazed longingly out of the window, watching the people go about their day-to-day business. For a while his mood had been sombre but now technology had given him a purpose, a way of connecting with the outside world again. This device gave him the means to go on living, he could continue to be part of this world. The small feats were giant triumphs now. It wasn't a time to feel deflated, it was a time to celebrate what was possible. 

Last month France-based producer Derailleur announced his new vinyl-only label Decade Box, with the first in a series of releases dedicated to his love of machines. The first EP 'Hydraulic Performer'  marks his first release since 2007 and presents tracks he's produced over the last 10 years, inclusive of a remix from Radioactive Man.