Premiere: Denny Pally – Vegan Chops


The market was packed, bright colours and loud voices echoed and reverberated in the hall as people flocked between stalls and purchased goods. It was a magnificent kaleidoscope of colours, an ocean of exuberance in which wild things lived and grew. Vegan chops, magical fruit, mythical plants and dense greenery aplenty. Hanging baskets, tall trees and the wild exotic scent of spices from far, far away. He watched on as the sun began to set in the distance atop this wonderful civilization. 

Denny Pally are a duo from Glasgow who have been producing and making music for a while now. However, rarely do they let that material leak from the murky depths of the East End. Until now, a new EP for Infinite Wisdom, a fun jacked up affair which bumps in the club. 

Listen below: