Premiere: Dawn Razor – Back Home Again


Travelling through the countryside he thought back to his childhood, it felt so long ago now, like a distant memory. He recalled the buildings, the places, the smiles, the faces of those who'd taught him so much. Now that he was back home again it all felt a little surreal and uneasy, had he ever really been here at all? Had it all been a dream? It's funny how things change, he had never expected to feel so nostalgic and reminiscent upon his return. Yet here he was pondering first loves and stories from late nights long ago. 

Bazovoe Techno are set to release an EP showcasing some of the most important up and comers in Russian techno. The EP is a powerhouse, an introduction to the rough and rugged sounds running the dancefloors and ramshackle parties overseas. Big TIP.

Listen below: