Premiere: Dawn Again & Rothmans – Fern World (Eddie C’s Red Room Remix)


The forest was crowded during the winter. The plants fought for the shadowy warmth of the deep marsh and it was a world in which the fern reigned supreme. The deep green treetops provided shelter and cover for the wet, damp forest floor which was alive and bubbling amidst the cold dew of the morning. In the distance the sound of a crow could be heard, coarse and loud upon the smooth ease of the morning air and the daylight glow. It was not somewhere you'd like to find yourself lost amidst the bitter cold…

Dawn Again & Rothman's are set to release a new EP on Roam Recordings, a flavoursome affair with fine style and finesse. Oh, and it comes with a gracious remix for the red room by Eddie C. Listen below: