Premiere: Dawn Again – Coloured Pens


Easily wasting away hours and then days and then weeks, the heat and the bright light made each moment evanescent. Capturing each detail seemed pointless, it was more worthwhile just to allow it, to enjoy. It absorbed wonderfully and became alive just under the skin, radiating with it's own solar glare deep within.

After some time on the sub's bench, Rothmans are back with The Johan Cruyff EP. Making his label debut, NY based Aussie Dawn Again offers up three solo tracks and a collaboration with Seth Cobblepot. Subtly bubbling and softly chiming, the laser pen swoops and tough snares bring in layers of percussion, while Junos chorus and fill you up. Pearler.

Dawn Again – The Johann Cruyff EP is released by Rothmans on 28th November 2016. Pre-order it now.

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