Premiere: Dawl & Sween – Laser Guided


The beams shot through the dense black night with a dazzling flash. The cars were laser guided as they weaved between the towering skyscrapers and the landscape of a city from the future. Adverts flickered and flashed upon tall buildings as onlookers watched down from towerblocks – the cars buzzed between the concrete pillars at the speed of light in the hope that they would not crash and career to a horrible end. The finish line was in sight and soon the crowds would roll into view…

Tone Dropout is a record label with which we hold a close affinity. The label has been a symbol of what's good in rave culture for many years now and the rough and rugged diy approach to their music has won over the hearts of many a dancer. 

The new EP is forthcoming and features a multitude of belters. Listen below: