Premiere: David J. Boswell – Heavy Load


Casting a wary but excited gaze across the wide expanse below him, the hanglider shuffled up to the edge of the cliff, daring to nestle his toes right up against the edge. Waiting for the next proper gust of wind, he hoped it would come swiftly – he didn't like being caught up in his thoughts for too long just before a jump. Better to be in the air than having second thoughts. Feeling a weighty breeze catch his glider he inhaled sharply, and leapt out into the void.

'Heavy Load' comes from a new 12" on Sheffield's Black Beacon Sound label. It's the first release by the enigmatic Bozzwell under his real name, David J. Boswell. Perhaps best known for his highly idiosyncratic vocal techno constructions, Boswell has turned his talents to more of a songwriting approach – just don't call it folktronica!! With support from the likes of Ivan Smagghe, Nathan Wilkins and Steel City legend Jarvis Cocker, you know you've gotta give 'Heavy Load' a listen. Which you can do. Right now. Below. What are you waiting for?

bbs010ep is out 30th June on Black Beacon Sound, and you can pre-order it here.

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