Premiere: David Goldberg – EUROCORE


The sun was setting on the coast, soon darkness would fall across the land and the stars would come out to play. The breeze blew softly as the tide came in and sent the sun worshippers home for the day. They might resurface beneath the cloak of blackness to embrace the sounds of the night, the wild and wonderful chants of the youthful and the young. This was a special place and there was no room for shame or shade, nothing would be heard here but the relentless, happy go lucky drums of Eurocore….

David Goldberg is set to release a new EP on Molten Moods, a record packed with fun, hair raising synths and fast paced drums set to dazzle in the clubs. It’s an enthusiastic ode to trance, electro and beyond. Pairing elements of each this is a no holds barred record for adventurous dj’s and dancers alike. 

Listen below: