Premiere: Dan Solo & Le Blanc Casanova – Frugel (Bawrut Remix)


The proof was in the pudding. The restaurant lay deserted in the middle of the day as the owner stood proudly behind his wooden bar. He watched the street outside and the wanderers strolling by. He thought little of their existence but for the money which nestled within their tight pockets. What did they know about business? About loyalty? About family? This was to be his lot until the day he vanished from this sweet earth and he was content, for now. 

Our main man Bawrut steps up to remix Dan Solo and Le Blanc Casanova for the infamous Nein Records. Summer laden acid house with a twist. Listen to his remix of "Frugel" below: 

The release will be available on the 14th of June via Beatport exclusively and everywhere else from the 18th of June. 

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