Premiere: Damiano Von Erckert – My Belief, Your Disorder


He was stubborn in his point of view, it had always been that way and it seemed as if some things would never change. As he walked by the old canal he looked at the leaves which floated upon the water and travelled downstream towards the river. He wondered why life was as transient as it was yet he’d been stuck in the same old sensibilities for as long as time itself. Perhaps it was time for a change, he’d always considered things to be based upon historic principle. “My belief, your disorder,” his mantra for a quiet life. Now it all seemed more fragile and wayward than ever… 

Damiano Von Erckert is set to release a new EP on Will Saul’s label Aus Music. This one is a shuffle ready, high paced house affair destined to delight dancers. It’s fun yet menacing. A well rounded release which is bound to travel well. 

Listen below: