Premiere: Cubik – Fathom Feeder


The pressure was becoming too much. He felt submerged in his own thoughts, drowning in the waves of self-doubt which he could no longer keep from surfacing. He wrestled to keep that darkness locked inside, the moments when he was safe from the debris were getting briefer. He took a deep breath and dove deeper this time, the rush of the endorphins like sonar signals drove him to the blackness. He wasn't waving.

Cubik consist of Michael Sweeney, Clark 'Pav' Davison & Jo Howard (Bird Of Paradise), North East likely lads who have been running parties since 2012, supporting the likes of Daniel Avery, Todd Terje, Man Power and John Talabot. On their debut production for Nein, they show a raw and stripped back slo- techmo: sub-bass kicks, glitchy percussion, crashing cymbals and a bassline which echoes Aphex Twin. Darkroom business, with glimpses of the bright lights just out of reach.

Cubik – All But Human EP is released by Nein on 28th October 2016. Pre-order it HERE. Follow Cubik on Facebook HERE.

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