Premiere: CT Kidobó – Dark City


At night the city changed, it became unrecognisable under the bright hue of the neon lights that lined the streets. The people were different too, only a certain type of person would risk being out after darkness took hold — the type that had no fear; the type that were fuelled by desire and greed. They prowled from dusk till dawn — this dark city was now theirs for the taking.

For their next release, Budapest’s Dalmata Daniel bring together the old school and the new, welcoming back label mate CT Kidobó for a split EP alongside electro maestro Maelstrom. The fifth outing in their Split series, both producers use analogue hardware to explore the dark corners of forceful electro across two tracks each. On the A-Side Maelstrom sets the pace with heavy, interstellar rhythms before CT Kidobó takes the reins on the flip with two mysterious synth-driven cuts for dark nights and dark deeds.