Premiere: Crossmods – Exquise


Sunshine poured through the window, reflecting off the mirror that stood beside her bed. She squinted at her reflection, her face stained with tears, eyes bleary and red. She knew it was the right decision but she couldn't bear to let him go. Her life would change forever, her future somewhat unimaginable. But things would get better, of that she was sure. She'd been here before, and what she'd learnt is nothing in life is ever perfect.

In aid of NHS Charities Together and Médecins Sans Frontières, Bass Agenda Recordings have put together a compilation with a whopping 128 tracks from some of the pioneering forces in electro and techno, as well as a wealth of exciting newcomers. After 100 releases on the label, Bass Agenda boss Andy had planned to take a break but as the pandemic worsened he felt impelled to do something tangible to help. With artists like Carl Finlow, Dez Williams and Radioactive Man involved, the compilation titled Carebots will be available in full on 15th May with four tracks up for grabs straight away.