Premiere: Credit 00 – Harder Faster Slower


The ship ground to a halt, its heavy machinery producing a loud creak as it slowed to a complete standstill. Screams echoed through the air and panic spread across the faces of those on board; everyone turned quickly on foot exploring every corner of the vessel to find the root of the problem. In the belly of the ship the glistening metallic engines rumbled, every man would need to work harder and faster than ever before to keep the ship afloat. But looking out to sea another fearful enemy loomed on the horizon, a storm that would take no prisoners…

For his next release Leipzig-based producer and DJ Credit 00 lands on London label Out The Flat with a four tracker that twists and turns through dark hypnotic house, acid and electro. The Rat Life Records boss has become known for his diverse productions, taking inspiration from EBM and acid to ghettotech, new wave and Detroit techno, which have made their way to labels like Bordello A Parigi, Pinkman, New York Haunted and Rat Life's sister label Uncanny Valley.