Premiere: Cowboy Rhythmbox – 6AM Cowboy (Sharif Laffrey Deviation)


Splashes of faint claret and a network of rusted hooks make for tasteful decor given the BDSM-themed nature of the evening. Once home to old men in blood-soaked aprons, each month, the now derelict meat locker plays host to ’alternative’ 24-hour parties, away from the prying eyes and suffocating restrictions of more traditional clubbing. The collective four millimetres of space between hundreds of muddled bodies makes dancing heated work, marking those with most skin on show as the wisest of the group. Beyond the dimly-lit dance floor in secluded corners are even darker rooms, reserved for hidden intentions.

Legendary British-label Phantasy are manning the release of Cowboy Rhythmbox's next transmission, a mind-bending take on their own '6am Cowboy' from Detroit's Sharif Laffrey, plus a remix of the remix from the London-based duo, with their ‘Deviation Variation'. The two-tracker features an ‘Inception’-level premise and an excellent example of how artists inspire each other's creative process. Our pick ‘Sharif Laffrey’s Deviation’ is a 14-minute reworking of CR’s ‘Terminal Madness' EP, with it’s best elements stitched together in this Frankenstein’s monster of a tech-house track.