Premiere: Cosimo Damiano – Consciousness


Sleep had become her enemy; when night began to fall the panic set in, a feeling she knew all too well now. But the source remained unknown, she couldn’t trace the unexplainable throes of her dreams — dreams that bordered on nightmares. Staying awake was not an option, though one she’d previously tried out of desperation, her only hope was to regain control of these unconscious moments, before she slipped too far beneath.

Rome-based producer Cosimo Damiano is making his return to Dj Inner Lakes’ Survive imprint for the third time with an 8-track LP titled ‘Hypnos’. In parallel to the Milanese imprint’s mission, Damiano seeks to connect styles and technologies from across different eras; an approach that manifests across his new album, so to does his previous work with classical and contemporary musicians. Inspired by the Greek god of sleep, he crafts his own language that examines the space between the conscious and subconscious, drawing from sonic references like acid techno producer Curley Schoop and Coil, as well as literature and cinematography.