Premiere: Cornelius Doctor & Tushen Raï – Fekete


The light surging from the street lamps had slowly began to dwindle day by day, until it fizzed out completely leaving the village in total darkness. This presented an opportunity for chaos and calamity, for people to get away with mischief under the veil of the night sky; an opportunity they’d grab with two hands.

Jonny Rock returns will instalment six of his Disco Hamam VAs, flipping Middle-Eastern and Turkish gems into dance floor cuts. This time he calls on the talents of Japanese producer Hotaru, Radio Campus Besançon resident Red Lebanese and our friends over at Lyon’s Hard Fist Records, Cornelius Doctor and Tushen Raï. While Hotaru and Red Lebanese take care of the A-side, the Hard Fist bosses take charge of the flip, twisting an 80s synth-pop jam into a psychedelic disco groover and giving a kitsch Hungarian electro hip-hop cut an acid house touch.