Premiere: Cornelius Doctor – Soft Rocket


Complete darkness engulfed the street as one by one each house switched off the lights inside. A curfew was now in affect all over the country and anybody who broke it would suffer grave consequences. The street lamps ommited a deep orange glow providing the only light for those who dared to travel by night. Although many were afraid to enter into the darkness, there were still nocturnal beings who would frequent the twilight hours, wittingly recruiting travellers to their growing pack each night. This was when the real excitement took place, it always is when you're breaking the rules.

Berlin-based imprint Ombra International have found a winning formula when it comes to their releases; bringing together artists who operate in the same sonic sphere who complement one another's creative outputs. Their VA EPs have seen the likes Local Suicide, Mondowski, Amarcord, Roe Deers and Ombra boss Curses, representing a cross section of sounds spanning wave, EBM, minimal synth and dark disco. This one sees Hard Fist boss Cornelius Doctor step up for a slow motion synth trip alongside Mufti, Renate's Sebastian Voigt and Colossio.